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Kaisugu Classic Tea (Flex)

Kaisugu Classic Tea is a pure grade PF1 tea made from carefully chosen, freshly picked leaf expertly processed and packed to guarantee its high quality at all times.
Available in 15g, 25g, 50g, 500g, 250g, 100g.

Kaisugu Classic Tea (Box)

This is pure grade PF1 packed with extra foil wrapping to maintain freshness and taste for long.
Available in 500g & 250g.

Kaisugu Classic Tea (Bags)

Made from pure PF1 and fannings  carefully blended to ensure strength and perfect taste at all times.
Available in 100g tagged and 100g tagless.

Kaisugu Classic Tea (Export)

Kaisugu exports bulked high quality tea available as straight blends through Mombasa auction and
direct sales. Our key market destinations are UK, Egypt,  Sudan and far East.
BP, PF, PD & D.